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I have had this little blog site for a very long time and have yet to actually use it. I think the reason for my neglect of this blog is that I keep coming up with a lot of big ideas of around topics that I am passionate about, but can never gather the will to focus long enough to capture my thoughts. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and depression so that might be a factor there, but whatever.

I think I’m just going to fill this space with my random thoughts about whatever. Which might be good for me. Who knows. I’m not taking anything for ADHD or depression (I tried, the physical side effects were like getting hit by at least five horse-sized ducks) so maybe writing my nonsense to the internet void will be good for me. Or something.

Monarchy is bad actually

The queen of England passed away yesterday. It has been weird to see people online cheering, celebrating that she is now in hell, and making weird shock tweets to see how many internet points they can score. It’s mostly just lame, but the craziest thing to me has been the people trying to praise the queen and say that monarchy is actually a good institution that still exists.

Perhaps it is my bias as a young black man from the United Status, but I believe any institution that gives special power and privilege to a group of people based solely on blood, is an evil institution. All men and women are created equally. The life of the queen does not matter more or less than me or my fiancée. She was a person, deserving the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not a fancy crown, massive palace, or actual real political power as the head of the church or the massive voice in the public sphere.

One counter to me is that in practice they have no power so it doesn’t matter if they continue to exist. This is dumb. Giving a special place to someone based on the fact that their great-great-great-great whatever killed a bunch of people and now they get to sit on a gold chair is a crazy system that is counter to any true believe if equality. But besides that, what happens if they don’t stay completely politically neutral? What if Charles says he doesn’t support gay marriage or wants stronger ties to Russia? He hasn’t effected legislation in anyway, but the monarchy has a special voice to the public, that is unique and different than any other celebrity, that could be serious damaging.

Whatever. Monarchy bad. Go America.

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