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Racism is bad

Racism is bad

I think one of the most frustrating things on the internet has to be people saying something clearly racist, but too afraid to acknowledge that it is racist. For example, people like the Quartering or Heel vs Babyface on Youtube constantly questioning the legitimacy of any minority character in properties like Marvel or LOTR property. “Why are there Black dwarves?” It is plainly racist. There are no “White” dwarves either, simply light skinned ones. But I think the thing that has recently tipped me over the edge has been from a few of my fellow Black Americas, that for whatever reason, haven’t properly acknowledged what they are saying is actually incredibly racist, and I would argue actually hurts Black people in the long run.

There was a viral tweet a few weeks ago, shown below, that expresses a sentiment I have seen personally every now and again, but most see online. Which is that interracial relationships, between Black and White people, are actually bad and that Black people should stay with other Black people in order to be “Pro Black”. To be plain, this is nonsense. Whether someone is pro Black or not has nothing to do with who they love. Is being Gay or simply not having children not “Pro Black” if you are not creating more Black children? Moreover, what definition of “Pro Black” can include the personal relationship of people I love? Maybe an argument can be made if a Black person is dating a White Nationalist, but I think whether they are “Pro Black” or not is not the primary concern there.

I believe the reason this kind of racism upsets me more is because I feel like other Black people should know better. You know what it’s like to be referred to as a slur, to know that have extra struggles finding employment, that we are thought of as less intelligent, less able than other races. To then respond a color switch of White Nationalist talking points is crazy.

Racism is bad, in part, because it takes away the individual. I am not just a person, I am a Black person. A person can have certain moral obligations, being kind or taking care of others, but a “Black” person can have an additional set of obligations on top of that. Date within your race, don’t take part in things for “White” people. It’s crazy. I want to eliminate racism from the world for a host of reasons, but I think most importantly to me, I want to eliminate racism because it does not allow people to be people.

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