Random Thoughts Two

Racism is bad Racism is bad I think one of the most frustrating things on the internet has to be people saying something clearly racist, but too afraid to acknowledge that it is racist. For example, people like the Quartering or Heel vs Babyface on Youtube constantly questioning the legitimacy of any minority character in properties like Marvel or LOTR property. “Why are there Black dwarves?” It is plainly racist. There are no “White” dwarves either, simply light skinned ones. But I think the thing that has recently tipped me over the edge has been from a few of my fellow Black Americas, that for whatever reason, haven’t properly acknowledged what they are saying is actually incredibly racist, and I would argue actually hurts Black people in the long run. There was a viral tweet a few weeks ago, shown below, that expresses a sentiment I have seen personally every now and again, but most see online. Which is that interracial relationships, between Black and White people, are actu

Random Thoughts: One

random_thought_1 Yeah I have had this little blog site for a very long time and have yet to actually use it. I think the reason for my neglect of this blog is that I keep coming up with a lot of big ideas of around topics that I am passionate about, but can never gather the will to focus long enough to capture my thoughts. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and depression so that might be a factor there, but whatever. I think I’m just going to fill this space with my random thoughts about whatever. Which might be good for me. Who knows. I’m not taking anything for ADHD or depression (I tried, the physical side effects were like getting hit by at least five horse-sized ducks) so maybe writing my nonsense to the internet void will be good for me. Or something. Monarchy is bad actually The queen of England passed away yesterday. It has been weird to see people online cheering, celebrating that she is now in hell, and making weird shock tweets to see how many internet points the